Getting ready for Bubble 2.0. Those who can afford to will inoculate themselves from the crowd through amplified exclusivity. What this pandemic has revealed is that people can and are willing to pay a premium for exclusivity. Everyone who can (sort off) afford to buy or rent exclusivity will do so. This will include contactless business interactions with less chance of any infections. This is the new normal for those who can afford to. With the World Health Organization convinced that the world will not return to the way things where, most pundits agree that we have to embrace the changes that have come as a result of this pandemic.

Ride-Sharing may be Dead.

Enterprises not offering exclusivity may suffer long term. Every ride-sharing tech company will have to rethink their future as people buckle down into their bubble. Crowd sharing may be impossible to reduce in developing countries, but it may be over in the West. Even in developing countries the young working class will most certainly be investing in cars of their own rather than carpool or attempt public transport.

The NBA Bubble in Orlando.

As a response to the pandemic, the National Basketball Association (NBA) agreed to move the remainder of the season and playoffs to Orlando. All the players live in a secure bubble, no one comes in without thorough checks and probes. Literally, no one comes in, no family, no no-one. Is this an example of the way those who can afford to will live? Major corporations looking to resume operations at physical locations may borrow from this playbook.

Other Implications

Single-Use Items: On a mass level, single-use items may become the rave. Single-use salt and pepper in restaurants rather than those little sprinkle bottles we “share”. No sharing on the plane any more. No sharing of juice or water being poured into cups to serve on economy class. Few people want to touch anything they think many people have touched before them. The sharing economy is under threat and may never recover. Religious events are no different, no more sharing of anything or breaking bread together.

Yachts replacing Cruise Ships: Do we see a mass movement from cruise ships to yachts? More likely than not. I am guessing the same rule may apply to airlines as more people may be tempted to move to the front of the plane (more people aiming for business and first-class seats). Those who can’t afford to will be forced to curtail their urge to fly anywhere in the short term.

Amplifying exclusivity on a budget is the new business trend.