Unprecedented times are upon us. The events of 2020 have reshaped many of our lives, and I dare say we are just beginning to see the full impact. The results of what we are witnessing will linger long for many but maybe shorter for others. While most know what to do about the changes which have occurred, others have no clue. In 2018 when I wrote this book, little did I know it was literally speaking into the future. As you plan to navigate the “new normal” and sometimes tricky terrain, this book will be there to guide you. It follows a similar journey I had to take a few years ago, redefining myself.

Questions: Where do we start? What are the next steps? What steps go after the first steps?

Regrets: If I had known, if only I had planned better or if only I had saved more.

A Workbook for Your Redefinition.

Like I was at the time, regrets and questions have overwhelmed many, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When I put together the second edition of my book, I added a workbook. The workbook is designed to provide a winning framework for those battling the bleakness of a lost future. It begins with asking tough questions directed to lead you towards new possibilities. I hope the answers to these questions help you see what is a possible future. Many of us planned for a different future, and then all this happened, making that future is no longer feasible. The art of re-invention is one of the most important skills to have when responding to similar life-altering events.

You may need a new future when the old one is challenged.

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